Specialist Care

we value your special needs

‘a little extra care can go a long way’


The Value of Speciality Care

We can help you or your loved one – whatever your specific situation. If you’re looking for companionship or you’re worried about an elderly relative, we have experience of dealing with a whole range of live in care speciality needs.

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide specialist live in care without losing focus of the person behind the condition.

‘to care shows all has a right to care’

‘the value of caring can never me measured’


f you’re concerned that you or your loved one has specific needs that we may not have experience of, please give us a call and we can talk through the situation with you.

‘individual care is as different as the flowers in a garden’


The Cost of Speciality Care

As we work closely with every individual and/or family members involved. Our costs are custom designed according to your specific needs. Please contact us and we will gladly assist with determing the relevant costs.

‘the possibility to care opens even more possibilites’