Live in Care

bringing care directly to your home

‘caring is a priority, not a luxury’

true value

The Value of Live in Care

The live-in caregiver manages everything that needs to be done in the home. They take care of the housekeeping, shopping, and cooking, and are extremely respectful when providing the personal care needed to maintain a dignified and fulfilling life.

If your loved one wants to get out in the fresh air, or visit friends, we will arrange that too!

‘loving care allows your light to shine brightly’

‘being part of a life, offering love and care, may be part of the purpose of life’

choosing the right care for a family member

We always ensure you and your family are in the driving seat when there are key decisions to be made and we do everything we can to make the situation as stress-free as possible.

couple care

The bond you share with your other half

Our friendly live-in carers are respectful of your home and your privacy. Although we’re here to help with the cooking, cleaning, and general household duties, we encourage you to continue doing what you are able to for as long as possible.

With live-in care for couples, there can be days when one feels the strain of supporting the other, and you just need a bit of respite care before you return to the role of main carer. That’s what we’re here for – we can sensitively take over your role for as long as you need, and then take a back seat once you’ve recharged your batteries.

we care

Our Passion for Live in Care

We believe everyone should have the choice to live in their own home, to be cared for in their own home.

We are true believers that staying within the familiarity of our homes is integral to our wellbeing. We understand that many people have the intention to remain in their homes for as long as possible, and we make this a viable option for many.  We go the extra mile to extend our live-in care services to as many people as possible, whatever their needs may be.

‘the excellence of care is precious’


The Cost of Live in Care

As we work closely with every individual and/or family members involved. Our costs are custom designed according to your specific needs. Please contact us and we will gladly assist with determing the relevant costs.

‘care and love can tell great stories’