Hourly Care

hour to hour, day to daY

‘to care is to have no time limit’


The Value of Hourly Care

Remaining independent and in your own home means so much, and often, a little help on a regular basis is all you need.

When you arrange visiting hourly care with us, we will begin with a minimum of a two hour visit.  We find that a two hour visit allows your carer time to get to know you, not to rush and give you all the attention and support you require.  The two hours can be used for personal care tasks like showering and washing, as well as perhaps preparing lunch or taking you shopping

‘showing you care has more value than you may think’

‘an hour a day can possibly fill an entire day’


We find that offering a minimum of a 2 hour visit means that we can guarantee a consistent carer to our client. It also attracts carers who genuinely care about the time they spend with their client and do not want to be rushed.

Our visiting hourly staff are employed by us and are trained to a high standard. They also receive ongoing support and supervision from a dedicated Care Manager who will manage your care and support.

‘to show you care means more than saying it’


The Cost of Hourly Care

As we work closely with every individual and/or family members involved. Our costs are custom designed according to your specific needs. Please contact us and we will gladly assist with determing the relevant costs.

‘the superior quality of caring can determine your superior happiness’